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Writing Chinese Characters – Tips and Resources to Overcome the Challenges

Writing Chinese characters, or 汉字 (hànzì), is a valuable asset to your Chinese language learning. Many people think that in the age of computers when Chinese characters can be typed using Pinyin there is no need to learn how to write. Read on to find out why this is not the case! The Top 3 Benefits of Learning to Write Chinese Characters 1. Writing By Hand Makes You Remember Researchers at Princeton University and UCLA found that knowledge [...]

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Watch Chinese Films to Boost Your Language Learning

 In this article, I am going to explain to you why watching Chinese films can play a big part in Chinese learning no matter what your level! You may find that difficult to believe. You may have thought watching Chinese films would only benefit the advanced learner. Read on to find out the three major benefits it brings to your Chinese studies... What's more, at the end we provide you with a list of great Chinese language films! [...]

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Summer Mandarin Fluency Course

Here are some samples taken from our Summer Fluency Mandarin Course. This was our first ever Fluency course designed by our dedicated team of Mandarin learning content creators. We are very glad to have witnessed such a success and gained 5 star positive feedback from our students.    

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How to Prepare for HSK Level 1 Test

  Today we are going to share some of the most frequently asked questions from students on how to prepare for HSK Level 1 test. What is HSK and what is HSK level 1? HSK is the official Chinese (Mandarin) Proficiency Test and it has 6 assessment levels. To be able to study and work in China, HSK Certificates are essential! HSK level 1 is the innitial proficiency level according to International Chinese Proficiency Standards. Is it difficult? [...]

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UK Bank Holidays V.S. Chinese Public Holidays

Have you been surfing the internet for information about UK Bank Holidays and Chinese Public Holidays and ended up clicking on numerous resources and frustration? Well just save your precious time as today Here is a clear list of the general information about UK Bank Holidays and Chinese Public Holidays all tidied in one place. New Year's Day 新年 1-Jan Good Friday 圣周五 the Friday before Easter (20 March - 23 April) Easter Monday 复活节 Day after Easter Sunday (22 March [...]

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The Jiangshi – 僵尸: Chinese Hopping Zombies

  Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming, Witches will be after you! Ghosts and pumpkins too! When the goast and pumpkin decorations have heen cut out, when the spiders and skulls have been climb up windows, we know the Halloween is coming. Are you going to dress up like a stealthy vampire or a sneaky zombie? Do you know any horrified  undead creatures in China? Referred to as Jiangshi – 僵尸: meaning “hard” or “stiff”. Jiangshi was a word originally used [...]

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Are you still busy learning to write Chinese vocabularies one at a time? Are you asking yourself why real Chinese daily conversations are so different from what’s inside the textbooks? Here are some tips to get a better hold of real Chinese conversation pieces. In English you say... In Chinese we say... I am so pleased to meet you. 见到您,我很高兴! I have heard so much about you. 我听说了很多关于你的事。(久仰大名!) It’s good to have you here! 很高兴,你能来! I’d like [...]

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