PM Cultural Events 2018

Learning a language is more than just about how to read and speak, it is also about learning more about the culture behind. Keeping that in mind, we have hosted three end of the year events so that our students could have the opportunity to not only learn more about each other outside the classroom, but also to immerse themselves into Chinese culture. The following are some highlights of the events we hosted. Enjoy! [...]

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Explore your Buddhist Curiosities in Henan

If you are looking for a place in China where you can combine your hunger for culture and tradition with satisfying a yearning to explore your spirituality, Henan (河南)  is the place for you! Henan is a fascinating province where old customs and habits meet progress and modernity.  Known as “the cradle of Chinese civilization”, the region is a gold mine for those who are interested in Chinese Buddhism, both from philosophical and aesthetic perspectives. Luoyang’s Buddhist Treasures [...]

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Discover Beijing in Three Days

Planning a trip to China? Have you considered making the magnificent 北京 (Běijīng) one of your stops? Read on to find out how to make the most of just 3 days in this great city! Day One: The Great Wall As Chairman Mao once said, “不到长城非好汉” (búdào chángchéng fēi hǎohàn You cannot be a great man without having been to the great wall). If he were here today, I am sure he would have chosen a more [...]

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Reading Chinese Books to Boost Your Language Learning

If you are keen about learning Chinese, then you can incorporate reading into your learning at any level! In this article, I will take you through the best books for each level of your Chinese learning and suggest some approaches you can take with them. Beginner Take a trip down memory lane and get stuck into some of your childhood favourites in Chinese. A friend of mine with beginner Chinese got his hands on a copy [...]

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Top Tips to Read Chinese Characters Easily

Have you ever wished you were a 师傅 (Shīfù, master) of Chinese characters? Have you dreamed of becoming a superhero with the ability to read and recognize every 汉子 (hànzì, Chinese character) in existence? Although we cannot provide you with superpowers yet (working on it…!), we have some recommendations which will help you guess the sounds and meanings of characters you have never seen before! What’s Behind a Character? The 4 Main Types The first step is [...]

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Writing Chinese Characters – Tips and Resources to Overcome the Challenges

Writing Chinese characters, or 汉字 (hànzì), is a valuable asset to your Chinese language learning. Many people think that in the age of computers when Chinese characters can be typed using Pinyin there is no need to learn how to write. Read on to find out why this is not the case! The Top 3 Benefits of Learning to Write Chinese Characters 1. Writing By Hand Makes You Remember Researchers at Princeton University and UCLA found that knowledge [...]

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Watch Chinese Films to Boost Your Language Learning

 In this article, I am going to explain to you why watching Chinese films can play a big part in Chinese learning no matter what your level! You may find that difficult to believe. You may have thought watching Chinese films would only benefit the advanced learner. Read on to find out the three major benefits it brings to your Chinese studies... What's more, at the end we provide you with a list of great Chinese language films! [...]

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Summer Mandarin Fluency Course

Here are some samples taken from our Summer Fluency Mandarin Course. This was our first ever Fluency course designed by our dedicated team of Mandarin learning content creators. We are very glad to have witnessed such a success and gained 5 star positive feedback from our students.    

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