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Student Stories


Sanjit:  "I would love to be able to speak all the most spoken languages in the world ! Having studied Hindi for a few years, I thought perhaps I should learn Chinese. This was confirmed, when I travelled to china and found that communicating was a real challenge. On my return to London I started to look for places where I could learn and found a community college where I took an evening class for a term. At the end of one term - everyone else had dropped out and I was disappointed to learn that the class was being cancelled. The teacher advised me of a Sunday school that she helped run - and I started to go there for classes. [...]


Teacher: When I think of it's OK to be smart and beautiful, I think of Nini. Bringing the Greek passion with her, she's a great student to have who loves learning languages and ticking off tasks in the process. Currently HSK II test done, she's spending more time to take her Chinese to the next level, by... doing Chinese homework on a Sunday afternoon at a cafe! Nini: I started taking lessons with Vivien less than a year ago. Having studied Mandarin in the past and being a qualified teacher in another foreign language myself I knew exactly what I was looking for and what type of teacher would work for me. Vivien's drive, commitment and passion for teaching is [...]


Teacher: Jack is a self-driven student with a lot of passion in learning to speak Mandarin fluently, which was his goal from day one, and he has very much so put in the due effort into every lesson and homework. As a result, he progresses very quickly, after learning all the phonetics, he is able to deliver a small speech in Mandarin confidently and nicely. Very proud of him! Now he's under training to make sentences, and building up vocabularies. I'm sure very soon he'd be an Intermediate speaker already.


Bekah: I have been attending Practical Mandarin classes for a few months now and have thoroughly enjoyed each lesson. I had good knowledge of the language before hand and my aim is to build on what I know and become more fluent in mandarin. Our lessons are structured but there is flexibility and our teacher Vivien will cater for your needs where possible. I have come out of each lesson feeling like I have learnt something new. Her lessons are fun and you are encouraged to participate in an informal atmosphere. I highly recommend Vivien's lessons as she will identify your needs and help you to improve, no matter what level you start at. Teacher: Bekah speaks both Cantonese and Chinese [...]


Teacher: Kader is a super smart semi-conductor engineering PHD, a well-respected scientist in the group! He loves Chinese so much that for the past 2 years and half, he travels from Cambridge to London for every Saturday class with me. He is basically fluent in everyday conversation, and he replies to me in Chinese even when I turned to English sometimes. Kader: I like the teaching style of Practical Mandarin which combines lively interactions and strong encouragement for student participation. The text book and the materials are chosen to cover varied topics with more emphasis on day to day situations as well as business vocabulary and Chinese cultural references. Reading, listening and speaking Chinese are all covered while the interactive atmosphere [...]


Teacher: Tom is one of the best students the teacher can ask for. He is motivated, for a lot of funny reasons; he is creative and active in using the language. Started from January 2011 learning Pinyin and his first words in Chinese from me, followed by a travel in China for a year, he’s now passed HSK 5 test, and is fluent in daily conversations, or even discussing some Chinese social or economic phenomena. Tom: Vivien taught me my first ever Chinese words and I have been hooked ever since. Vivien makes the lessons enjoyable as well as rewarding. This is very important if you are fitting in Chinese lessons around an already hectic daily schedule and don't always feel [...]


Sandrine: I started to learn Chinese 2 years and 1/2 ago not having any knowledge at all and after that time I can now make sentences , read some character and listen to some dialogue. I decided to learn Chinese because I love languages and I needed a new challenge for my brain!! I can tell mandarin will challenge your brain!! I would like to be fluent in mandarin , I know it will take years but the main thing is to keep learning and practising there is no secret the more you practice the better you will be!! I like attending Practical Mandarin classes as the class is very energetic same as  the teacher ! Because of a respected amount [...]


Teacher: Miranda being the youngest student so far, she’s my protégé in Chinese characters. She learns to write characters by heart, and she’s very proud of her notebook! She speaks with perfect tone, and she listens to people speaking Chinese on the bus, and shows them her Chinese textbook to speak a few words with them. Dedicated to over 2 years of study, now her family and friends think Chinese is part of her life, she got the book “Dirty Chinese: Everyday Slag” as her birthday present!


Teacher: Geri is a newer student of our class, she texted me “I really enjoy the class” right after her first section. She is one of those who would ask for homework when I’m late in sending the emails. With the motivation to learn Chinese well for future opportunity in expanding her husband’s business in China, she’s very happy making time everyday to progress.


Teacher: Martin is one of the “originals” starting back in 2011. With a Cantonese family background, Martin has great pronunciation, and is quick in understanding. His interest in Chinese language extends from his interest in the society of Hongkong and China. I believe, with a good command of Mandarin, he will be working in the legal sector in Hongkong one day.


Teacher: Daniel aka. The Shakespeare of my class, deserves his reputation by writing double of the content what most students would write on a topic assignment. His classmates would always joke, the real author is Daniel’s girlfriend, but we know he loves expressing himself in Chinese, even when improvising in class, he do not run out of words often.