Teacher: Kader is a super smart semi-conductor engineering PHD, a well-respected scientist in the group! He loves Chinese so much that for the past 2 years and half, he travels from Cambridge to London for every Saturday class with me. He is basically fluent in everyday conversation, and he replies to me in Chinese even when I turned to English sometimes.

Kader: I like the teaching style of Practical Mandarin which combines lively interactions and strong encouragement for student participation. The text book and the materials are chosen to cover varied topics with more emphasis on day to day situations as well as business vocabulary and Chinese cultural references. Reading, listening and speaking Chinese are all covered while the interactive atmosphere and the presence of students from different backgrounds make the Intermediate Chinese course very enjoyable and rewarding. I also found the focus of the course’s topics very useful during my frequent business trips to China/Taiwan particularly with getting on with every-day life and establishing social and professional links. Although experiencing a very busy lifestyle, I do my best to attend regularly this course with the aim of achieving fluency and proficiency in reading and listening and speaking Chinese.