Halloween is coming,

Halloween is coming,

Witches will be after you!

Ghosts and pumpkins too!

When the goast and pumpkin decorations have heen cut out, when the spiders and skulls have been climb up windows, we know the Halloween is coming. Are you going to dress up like a stealthy vampire or a sneaky zombie? Do you know any horrified  undead creatures in China?


Referred to as Jiangshi – 僵尸: meaning “hard” or “stiff”. Jiangshi was a word originally used to mean “corpse” – this cursed soul was stiffened by rigor mortis ans unable to move beyond a hop, with its arms its arms stretched out in front of it for balance.

Jiangshi lore is ancient, and there are 17th-century references by scholars of the Qing Dynasty discussing these creatures. One scholar Ji Xiaolan, documented the various methods by which a person cloud end up as a Jiangshi.

So, Who do you think would win, Chinese hopping Zombies, Vampires or Zombies?

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