Learning a language is more than just about how to read and speak, it is also about learning more about the culture behind.

Keeping that in mind, we have hosted three end of the year events so that our students could have the opportunity to not only learn more about each other outside the classroom, but also to immerse themselves into Chinese culture.

The following are some highlights of the events we hosted. Enjoy!

Make and Enjoy Dumplings

Let’s admit it, dumplings are delicious. It is also one of the first things we associate with when we think about Chinese culture.

For that reason, we hosted this ‘Make and Enjoy Dumplings’ event so that our students not only try out different kinds of dumplings, but also learn how to make it!

In the picture, Annie is teaching our fellow students what is the correct amount of fillings should be put in the dumplings.

Our student, James, learning how to make the perfect dumplings wrapping.

Being able to taste the dumplings you spent a whole afternoon learning how to make is the best feeling ever.

Chinese Karaoke Night

What better ways there are to immerse yourself into Chinese culture than to actually sing Chinese songs? All of us had a wonderful time getting to know more about Mandarin songs as well as showcasing their lovely vocals!

Our teachers, Marcus and Zhao Chen, having a great time!

Our student, Dagamara, trying out her vocals and singing a Chinese song.

Play Mahjong Together

Last but not least, we also collaborated with London Chinese Exchange for a ‘Play Mahjong Together’ event. Our students had a great afternoon learning how to play this traditional Chinese game!

Teaching each other how to play Mahjong.