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Upper Intermediate Course

  • Achieving Desired Level of Fluency & Listening comprehension
  • Full Mandarin speaking immersion in class
  • Relevant and in-depth topics for discussions & debates
  • Affordable price at £15 / hour (2 hrs/lesson)
  • Free Phone App & PPT for your Study on the Go
  • FREE Class Pass to ALL Upper Intermediate Courses of the Term

Level 4 –  Discussions & Debates (path to Independent Speaker)

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Course Level Time Option Start / End Price Location Details
Upper Intermediate New #1808 Thursday 6:30-8:30pm Sep 20 – Dec 06, 2018 £30/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument
Upper Intermediate New #1811 Saturday 1:00-3:00pm Sep 22 – Dec 08, 2018 £30/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument
Upper Intermediate Advanced #1809 Monday 6:30-8:30pm Sep 17 – Dec 03, 2018 £30/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument
Course Level Time Option Start / End Price Location Details
Upper Intermediate New #1805 Monday 6:30-8:30pm May 14 – Aug 06, 2018 £30/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument
Upper Intermediate New #1806 Thursday 6:30-8:30pm May 24 – Aug 09, 2018 £30/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument
Upper Intermediate Advanced #1807 Saturday 10:00-12:00pm May 12 – Jul 28, 2018 £30/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument

What & How Will You Learn?

Upper Intermediate is the level where you can say you get comfortably fluent. It doesn’t matter you make mistakes when speaking; the key is you want to / are able to express yourself well, people understand you, and you understand people.

At this level, we can easily conduct a hours-long conversation about daily life, but we want you to explore more in-depth topics. We want you to give opinions about “happiness, career development, ambition, money, reading good books, attitude towards life”, we want to discuss the world around us, “Chinese economy, consumer trends, new company and ideas out there”. Of course, mostly in Mandarin, if not all.

We want you to be carried away being fully immersed in the Mandarin speaking class, we want you to speak Chinese even occasional Chi-English, our goal is to train you to think, to communicate in this language.

To learn new vocabularies, we will be using HSK Standard Course Book Level 4, and class PPT. You will learn and use these vocabularies in our discussion. By the end of the whole course, you should be ready to takeHSK Level 4 test if you followed your tutor closely.

In addition, your teacher will incorporate bespoke teaching PowerPoints and other interesting contents in the class, all learning material will be emailed to you after each lesson to help you keep track of home study.

Bespoke Phone App Flash Cards for each class will be available for you on-the-go review on your phone or tablets.

Who can join:  Anyone who has completed our Intermediate course, passed HSK Level 3 or who have learnt Mandarin for 1-4 years before. You can also simply try our Placement Test below to see if it’s the right level for you.

Please Note: to join a course after start date is totally OK when you already have certain command of the language.

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HSK 4 Bookslearn Chinese Milestone HSK Level 4

Simple Placement Test

Translate the following sentences or paragraph into Chinese Pinyin or Characters. You can use dictionary if you don’t know certain words.

Send to us at [email protected] . We will review your answers and get back to you in the same day.

“ Nowadays internet shopping has become more and more popular, with young people especially like to shop online. You can literally buy anything online, you can shop for books, clothes, handbags, you can even buy furniture and cell phones. Internet shopping has become popular is down to two main reasons. First of all, there are a lot of things online, and it’s even cheaper than shopping in stores. This alone is the main reason that attracts people to shop online. Second of all, people can buy what they like at any time, the seller can post your purchase to your office or your home, it’s very convenient. “

Take the Quiz here to see if this is your right level.

Or try the Translation in the next tab.

Your Tutors

Florence Liu
Florence Liu
  • Professional & patient Mandarin Tutor

  • PHD in Chinese Studies

Xunnan Li
Xunnan Li
  • Business & Advanced Level Tutor

  • MA in Cultural Studies & Translation

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