Sanjit:  “I would love to be able to speak all the most spoken languages in the world ! Having studied Hindi for a few years, I thought perhaps I should learn Chinese. This was confirmed, when I travelled to china and found that communicating was a real challenge.

On my return to London I started to look for places where I could learn and found a community college where I took an evening class for a term. At the end of one term – everyone else had dropped out and I was disappointed to learn that the class was being cancelled.

The teacher advised me of a Sunday school that she helped run – and I started to go there for classes. At that Sunday school I had exposure to a number of different teachers and many of them were awful – they were frequently mothers with no formal teaching expertise – eventually I decided I was not learning much and sought private classes – but this also did not work out because I was able to dictate the pace of learning and never actually did any homework. Having now joined classes with Vivien from Practical Mandarin I am pleased to say that my Chinese has improved dramatically. Her classes are relaxed and informal, yet focused with a steady pace. I really enjoy her classes and now go to great lengths not to miss any classes. I always recommend Vivien’s classes to any of my friends who are interested in learning mandarin.

Teacher: Sanjit is most popular among the classmates and even other students, when he brings everyone sweets, candies and tooth paste (guess what, dentists get free travel size tooth paste)! As a true global trotter, he travels to over 10 countries in a year, and each time, his air plane reading is? His Chinese textbooks! We might be able to make a documentary of how far his New Practical Chinese Reader has travelled in the world.