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Intermediate Course

  • Core Grammar & Fluency Training Level
  • 90% Mandarin speaking immersion class
  • Specialised 4D Courses© Engaging Training
  • Small group class 4-10ppl for individual speaking practise

  • Affordable price at £15 / hour (2 hrs/lesson)
  • Free Phone App & PPT for your Study on the Go
  • FREE Class Pass to ALL Intermediate Courses of the Term

Level 3 – Effective Fluency Training via Story Telling Method

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Course LevelTime OptionStart / EndPriceLocationDetails
Intermediate NEW T1 #1823Saturday 3:30-5:30pmSep 08 – Nov 24, 2018£30/Lesson x 12 weeksBank/Monument
Intermediate NEW T1 #1818Tuesday 6:30-8:30pmSep 11 – Nov 27, 2018£30/Lesson x 12 weeksOxford Street
Intermediate NEW T1 #1819Wednesday 6:30-8:30pmSep 12 – Nov 28, 2018£30/Lesson x 12 weeksBank/Monument
Intermediate T2 #1820Wednesday 6:30-8:30pmSep 12 – Nov 28, 2018£30/Lesson x 12 weeksOxford Street
Intermediate T2 #1821Tuesday 6:30-8:30pmSep 18 – Dec 04, 2018£30/Lesson x 12 weeksBank/Monument
Intermediate Advanced T3 #1822Wednesday 6:30-8:30pmSep 12 – Nov 28, 2018£30/Lesson x 12 weeksBank/Monument
Course LevelTime OptionStart / EndPriceLocationDetails
Intermediate INTENSIVE #1814Saturday 10:00-2:30pmJul 14 – Aug 18, 2018£30/Lesson x 6 weeksBank/Monument
Level 3 Fluency #1815Tuesday 6:30-8:30pmAug 07 – Aug 28, 2018£30/Lesson x 4 weeksBank/Monument
Level 3 Fluency #1816Wednesday 7:00-9:00pmAug 08 – Aug  29, 2018£30/Lesson x 4 weeksOxford Street
Level 3 Reading #1817Saturday 1:00-3:00pmAug 11 – Sep 01, 2018£30/Lesson x 4 weeksBank/Monument

What & How Will You Learn?

Intermediate is the level where you want to feel confident to engage in conversations with native speakers. Using Story Telling Method, students can learn a lot more vocabularies effectively, and use them in the context to tell your own story.

Level 3 is also where we want to tackle all our grammar questions, no more puzzles! Chinese is a very colloquial language, Chinese grammar is much more like sentence patterns. We explain to you in visual, simply and clear ways, with targeted exercises to follow each week as homework.

This class will be conducted mostly in Chinese, in each class, you will be getting closer to be able to express your opinions. Our small group class, unlike the university lectures, will be your best option to practice speaking and listening skills.

For learning material, we will be using HSK Standard Course Book Level 3, and In House Developed Training Material. You will learn a lot more vocabularies effectively, by the end of the course, you should be ready to take HSK Level 3 test if you followed your tutor closely.

Bespoke Phone App Flash Cards and Class Lecture PPT for each lesson will be available for your easy review at home or on-the-go.

Who can join:  Anyone who has completed our Elementary Courses, passed HSK Level 2 or who have command of over 300+ vocabularies. You can also simply try our Placement Test below to see if it’s the right level for you.

Book Now or Book a Trial Lesson above to enroll to the course, or to join a course after its start date.

hsk course 3 practical mandarin intermediate courselearn Chinese Milestone HSK Level 3

Simple Placement Test

Take the Quiz here to see if this is your right level.

Or try the Translation in the next tab.

Translate the following sentences or paragraph into Chinese Pinyin or Characters. You can use dictionary if you don’t know certain words.

Send to us at [email protected] . We will review your answers and get back to you in the same day.

  1. I have learnt Chinese for over a year
  2. You are speaking too quickly, I can’t understand you.
  3. I already waited here for half an hour, where are you?
  4. I haven’t finished today’s work, can you help me? 
  5. Can you please close the door when you leave?
  6. In winter, north of China could be much colder than the south.
  7. When I don’t have too much work, I like to go to different places for travelling.
  8. I worked in that company for half an year, then I came straight to work in this bank.

Your Tutors

Annie Li
Annie Li
Sophia Luo
Sophia Luo
Florence Liu
Florence Liu
  • 9+ Years of Teaching Experience

  • MA in HR & PHD in Education

  • Passionate & Professional Tutor

  • PHD undergraduate in Education

  • Professional & patient Mandarin Tutor

  • PHD in Chinese Studies


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