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Advanced Courses

  • Limited Advanced HSK 5 Proficiency Course in London
  • Full immersion class for independent Mandarin speakers
  • Onto traditional culture, academic and professional text
  • Affordable price at £18 / hour (2 hrs / lesson)
  • Small and Intensive Class for 4-10ppl

  • Free Phone App & PPT for your Study on the Go
  • FREE Class Pass to attend ALL Advanced Level Lessons

Level 5 & 6 – Society, Culture & Literature in Depth

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Course Level Time Option Start / End Price Location Details
Advanced HSK 5 Autumn Term 2018 Monday 6:30-8:30pm Sep 10 – Nov 26, 2018 £36/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument
Advanced HSK 6 Autumn Term 2018 Thursday 6:30-8:30pm Sep 13 – Nov 29, 2018 £36/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument
Advanced New HSK 6 Easter Term 2018 Thursday 6:30-8:30pm May 17 – Aug 02, 2018 £36/Lesson x 12 weeks Bank/Monument

What & How Will You Learn?

Well done if you are looking at this course level. There aren’t that many students in London who have achieved their Mandarin study to this level.

We know what you are looking to improve at this level. First you must be able to understand native Chinese speaker in a social conversation, ideally you should be very comfortable with any speaking speed.

You are now an independent speaker, for words you don’t know, you can go around them and explain what you mean in other ways. But you would like to learn and know those words, to recognize and express implicit meanings with them.

We will be talking about even more interesting topics, be it current affairs, ancient Chinese stories or critical social issues. You can now read longer and more demanding text, maybe you are not familiar with academic or professional texts, no worries, that’s what we will help you improve. You should also start to produce clear, well-structured, detailed opinions on complex subjects, showing a better command of the vocabularies, patterns.

If you would like to take HSK Level 5 test after this course, it’s strongly advised that you take more than 4 hours per week to do self study. Your tutor will help to identify your weakness and strength, to improve your learning strategy if needed.

Who can join:  Any one who has completed our Upper Intermediate course, or who have passed HSK Level 4, who shows a good command of the language, why don’t you take our  Placement Test below and talk to us.

Please Note: to join a course after start date is totally OK when you already have certain command of the language.

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HSK 5 Booklearn Chinese Milestone HSK Level 5

Simple Placement Test

To join this level, you should have / be able to:


  • 1200 Words and more

Language Command:

  • Can read Pinyin & 800+ characters
  • Can conduct a proper conversation with a native speaker
  • Can write about certain topics in small paragraphs

PM’s Fluency Skill Training Target for Level 4: 

Fluent speaker skills towards discussing about society, culture and literature in depth 

Advanced Level Entry Test

We’ve prepared 10 Questions in this test for you, you will get your result right away via email.

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Translate the following sentences or paragraph into Chinese Pinyin or Characters. You can use dictionary if you don’t know certain words.

Send to us at [email protected] . We will review your answers and get back to you in the same day.

” In the eye of most people, work, family, cars or houses are the essential things in our lives. Even when we think about making some choices or changes to our path in life, we would discover that these things often affects our decisions.

In China, there are more and more people who have achieved to live the comfortably-off lifestyle, with the increase of their buying power, they tend to desire the even more premium brands and luxury goods that once can’t afford. According to statistics, China now is listed as the top consumer country for luxury goods, and it accounts for over 20% of the world’s overall consumption. “

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