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Why Study Chinese (Mandarin)?

Either you learn Chinese for professional consideration, cultural exploration, family relationship or network extension, or just to challenge your language learning skills, each year there are millions more people joining you to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, for it being one of the most ancient languages and one of the important languages most wanted in the labour market today.

Mandarin Chinese Speakers around the World
Of the World Population Speaks Mandarin
0 Million
People Learning Chinese by 2020
0 Million
Learners Taking Chinese Tests Each Year

Our Language Training Methods

Simple & Clear | Speaking Focus | Motivating | Well Thought Out

Speak in Correct Sentences

Sentences are the King! Communicating in any language is all about speaking sentences that other people understand. We train all level in practical sentences you can use right away.

Learn In Context

We teach you language relevant to life outside of classroom by you interacting with tutors, engaging with classmates to talk, discuss even debate on interesting topics in our lives.

From Input to Output

We focus on active learning, from speaking in class to presentation tasks or homework, you use what you learn in your life or work.

What & How You Will Learn

Pronunciation | Characters/Vocabulary | Grammar/Structure | Culture/Society

Have Fun

mandarin class with fun

Speak From Day One

mandarin students sarah gill

Learn On The Go

learn mandarin with your phone

If you tick any of these, we’ve got the right course for you

  • I want to learn Chinese to communicate with my other half and his / her family
  • I want to learn Chinese to do business in China or with my Chinese partners
  • I want to learn Chinese to communicate with my colleagues or branch office in China
  • I want to learn Chinese to understand better its culture, society and market
  • I want to learn Chinese to talk to friends and local people in China
  • I might be relocating to study / work or live in China in the near future
  • I’m very enthusiastic about Asian languages & Learning empowers me
  • I’m a complete beginner ready to start learning
  • I learnt some words from Chinese friends or my trip to China, and now would like to learn properly
  • I bought a Chinese book or a phone app, but don’t know how to continue
  • I learnt in my university or other group class, I need to continue learning
  • I’ve lived in China for some time and I picked up the language quickly
  • I grew up with a Chinese or Cantonese family background, would like to speak properly now
  • I’ve passed some Chinese proficiency tests, I’m aiming for the next level

 Available Courses

Entry Beginner

Get started from beginner to simple daily communication!


Course Introduction Here

Advanced Beginner

Let's continue to achieve Beginner Fluency & aim for HSK Level 1 now!


Course Instruction Here


You enjoy Learning Chinese now! Let's build up more!


Course Instruction Here


Let's get confident in speaking and get speed in reading.


Course Instruction Here

Upper Intermediate

Great job! We are onto more in-depth topics now.


Course Instruction Here

Advanced / Business

了不起!Use Chinese in 360 degree in life & business.

Private Tutoring

One to One Tutoring at Any Level

Flexible time and place to suit your study plan

Book Private Lessons Here

Beginner Business

Use your Chinese & Culture Awareness to Build Confidence

Rewarding Personal Development & Learning

Course Instruction Here

Company Course

Tailored Communication & Cultural Training

Essential Language & Cultural Training

Course Instruction Here

Want to Know How Others are Learning Chinese?

Here are some insightful stories from our students who have been taking Mandarin Lessons in London with our classes for the past few years.

  • sanjit discover china 2 chinese students


Sanjit:  "I would love to be able to speak all the most spoken languages in the world ! Having studied Hindi for a few years, I thought perhaps I should learn Chinese. This was confirmed, when I travelled to china and [...]

  • Erini greek study chinese


Teacher: When I think of it's OK to be smart and beautiful, I think of Nini. Bringing the Greek passion with her, she's a great student to have who loves learning languages and ticking off tasks in the process. Currently [...]

  • practical mandarin student jack


Teacher: Jack is a self-driven student with a lot of passion in learning to speak Mandarin fluently, which was his goal from day one, and he has very much so put in the due effort into every lesson and homework. As [...]

  • Bekah chinese students


Bekah: I have been attending Practical Mandarin classes for a few months now and have thoroughly enjoyed each lesson. I had good knowledge of the language before hand and my aim is to build on what I know and become [...]

More Stories

What the Students Say About the Classes & the Community

Here is a group of happy learners who enjoy the challenges of learning Chinese and the whole experience of attending our Mandarin Lessons.

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