We are here to help you learn

 Language and cultural training is what we do!

We are passionate to help our students learn and make progress. From understanding our Chinese culture to pronouncing the right tones, we have established our training methods and material to proudly delivery the best training results.

Companies and private students who benefit from our training are the best stories to tell. Have a read of our case studies below or get in contact to hear how we would propose to help you learn.

Why Choose Us?

We all have been taught in the good old fashion textbook style before, and we know we don’t like it. We have learnt eduction methodology and best classroom practice to create an engaging lesson with activities to help you learn relaxingly and effectively.
We teach language skills for the urban life style, we also inspire your thinking and discussion with current social and cultural affairs. Give us your learning goal, and we will help you to achieve it with ease. That’s our promise to be practical and professional.
We are very serious about how our trainers approach the lessons. Like you, we don’t want serious lessons! We want the fun and engaging lessons that students learn pro-actively, speak more than the tutor!
Practical Mandarin corporate client 2

Get to Level 2 in 3 Months!

This private training is for the CEO relocating to China, we established our training goal and time schedule, to prepare the student ready for a full on Mandarin speaking work and living environment in Shanghai. Our training has helped him to achieve:

  • HSK Level 2 within 3 months learning
  • Scenario training helps students to be ready for talking to his Chinese neighbour, his house keeper, his driver, his colleagues, also helps him to be able to order food in a restaurant or a street vendor, getting a hair cut, shopping for clothes etc.  

Training 1st European Chinese Investment Bank in London

As London welcomes the first Chinese owned Investment Bank, we find our language and culture training much more valued by the company’s staff. Our long term training to the senior analyst for Chinese market cannot be matched anywhere else, as the financial knowledge of our tutor brought into the language training is as valuable as the language skill itself.

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Team Training for Chinese Client Interfacing

After setting a specific learning goal, we designed a short course with a clear subject areas to train the team with basic Mandarin language skills, each team member is happy to have learnt the language that they can use to build instant rapport with their clients, and learning the numbers in Chinese have proven to be useful at their actions.

practical mandarin corporate client 4
Practical Mandarin corporate client 3

Train the Hollywood Star!

It was one of the private training jobs that we happily took on. Meeting this Hollywood A List star was a privilege, training him to speak his Mandarin lines in the movie was a pleasant experience.  We will be waiting for the film release.