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Chinese language is as interesting as its global economic presence, historic phenomena and distinctive cultures. We assure you, if you learn in the Practical Mandarin way!

Our Beginner Mandarin training package delivered in a fun and engaging way will help you or your staff to

  • stimulate the mind with refreshing new knowledges
  • speak some basic communicative Chinese, to build good rapport with Mandarin-speakers in life or at work
  • have a good grasp of Chinese business culture and etiquettes
  • improve communication and relationships with Chinese clients, suppliers or business partners
  • improve your confidence while visiting China or dealing with Mandarin speakers

Each lesson in our program offers simple and practical content that students can use right away in their daily life. Practical Mandarin always focus on what works best for the students, so we also use mobile app to help students learn effectively.

With key phrases and words learnt from each lesson loaded to your phone, students can easily practice, remember and use the language well.

In our embedded programs, the language training is completed by our cross cultural introductions to equip students with further skills to understand the cultural difference between East and West.

These cultural training contents are developed and delivered by our professional trainers to familiarize students with:

  • Doing business in China
  • Office or corporate culture in China
  • Food and drinks, dinning etiquettes
  • Influential philosophy and religions
  • Past 30 decades of development
  • Typical modern lifestyles in China
  • Value beliefs of family, friends, money, education etc

We are confident that our introduction to this semantic language with five thousand years of history will open a door to look at the East Asian cultures through different lens, and its linguistic logic will showcase you the way of thinking, along with its social cultures, philosophy, art and lifestyle, will offer you refreshing and in-depth insights of the Chinese society.

Lunch Break or Late Afternoon / Early Evening course organized for your company staff from £100 per hour. All learning material (Class PPT, Flashcards just for you on your phone) are included in the price.

We propose to take our most popular training packages below to start with, our trainer will update the material with relevance to your industry, ie banking, law, economics or trading, into the variable module in the package, to make it a bespoke training package just for you.

If you want discuss alternative training schedule and requirements, please consult us at 020 3637 2335.

Practical Mandarin has overall quality control to the training delivered by our certified professional trainers, who have at least 5 years plus training experience, and MA or higher degree in education, linguistic or business studies. At the same time, our trainers also speak English perfectly to bridge the multi-lingual and multi-cultural gap. That’s why it’s important to hire the professionals to do a professional job when it comes to training you staff in Mandarin Chinese.

Popular Training Packages

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Our Professional Trainers

Vivien Mo
Vivien Mo
  • Solid background in Chinese teaching, with strong emphasis on Chinese history, culture and business affairs
  • Trained 1000+ students in the past 7 years, including staff of Banks, Ftse 100 companies and British Council
  • Personal tutor for Fortune 500 company executives and managers
  • Previously worked for Chinese government and global companies
  • Cross cultural consultant and trainer since 2001, founder of Active-Anglo Chinese Communications Ltd, & founding member of China Advisers Network by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Interviewed by BBC World about the breakthrough of China-British relationship when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited UK in 2014
  • Regular contributor to London Business Matters in issues relating to China, published Active Business Travel to China (in English)
  • Organizer of high profile culture and business events, including “Ebb and Flow” exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, Shanghai Fashion Week’s Fashion Forum in London
Yingtong Betser
Yingtong Betser

Training Material Developed by Experts

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