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Business Chinese Beginner Level 1 Short Course

Introducing the Diamond Training Methods

  • One Teacher to Two Students Private Weekly Lessons
  • Engaging Training Methods to Speak Chinese Confidently for Business or for Work
  • Compact Short Course to Lead you to BCT Level 1 Success
  • Half Price of One to One Private Tutoring Tuition
  • Choose the Lesson Time and Package to Suit you Best
  • We Pair you Up with a suitable Study Buddy to Kick Start your Training

Four Training Packages for All Business Beginners

Intensive Weekends

  • 30 Hours Lessons
  • 6 Hours Per Weekend
  • 5 Weeks Immersive Training

Package 1

Suitable for all Beginner Learners, lessons to be held over Saturdays & Sundays for 3 hours each day, with 30mins break in between.

Intensive Day Time

  • 30 Hours Lessons
  • 2-3 Times Per Week
  • Immersive Training Method

Package 2

Suitable for all Beginner learners, who are free during the day to take lessons in the mornings or afternoons for 3 hours per day, 2-3 days per week.

Regular Weekends

  • 30 Hours Lessons
  • 3 Hours Per Weekend
  • 10 Weeks Training Program

Package 3

Suitable for all Beginner Learners, lessons to be held every weekend on Saturday or Sunday for 3 hours per lesson, with 30mins break in between.

Regular Evenings

  • 30 Hours Lessons
  • 2 Hours Per Evening
  • Manageable Learning Pace

Package 4

Suitable for all Beginner Learners, who can both fix one weekday evenings after work to take 2 hours lesson each week.

What will you Learn?

  • Training Goal – to achieve Business Chinese Proficiency Level 1
  • Practical contextual training for essential Chinese language and cultural skills for you to build rapport
  • 20 Survival task based training covering topics of – greeting, receiving guests, introduction, invitation, nationality, numbers, time & dates, appointments, visiting clients, meeting presentations, daily schedules, phone calls, transports, taking taxi, asking directions, buying tickets, shopping & bargaining, food & drinks, ordering in cafe / restaurants, making or receiving payments

How will we Train you?

  • We will pair you up with the best suited study partner to take lessons together
  • Using our 1 to 2 Diamond Method will guarantee the best results of our communicative approach training
  • Focusing on tasked based training will engage both learners throughout lessons while fully immersed in conversing in Chinese
  • You will leave each lesson with achieving so much to be proud of yourself, and we will be proud of you!
Sandy Hu
Sandy Hu
15+ Years of teaching experience in China, Singapore and London to learners of all levels
Rufei Gui
Rufei Gui
TESOL certified, 4+ years teaching experience, great private tutor to students of various background
Annie Li
Annie Li
PHD in Education and master in HR, great with training students for job interviews or relocation
Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu
PHD in Mandarin to English Translation, Expert Linguist


One Teacher to Two Students Diamond Training Method

Quickest route to achieve business beginner speaking & listening skills, you both will be guaranteed to Speak Chinese Confidently from Day One, and a shared fun and rewarding learning experience, not to mention a half price budget-friendly treat!

“Love the intensive training, lessons are interactive and never boring. Usage of pictures and videos means you can leave English outside and immerse yourself in Chinese”

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Alex Kormschikov

“Totally good value for money, very affordable price to hire a private tutor, as well a fun & interactive way to learn Mandarin. Very good learning material, with lots of exercises designed to practise our speakings skills! I’ve never learnt to speak a new language that quickly!”

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Mags Sikora

“Well-structured and go at a good pace. The resources provided to continue learning out of class hours are very helpful. Patient teacher, cheery, fun, always pleasant! “

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Amir Bazazi